This is WFI

What we believe in
WFI (Water Footprint Implementation) is your partner for a sustainable water future. We are passionate about water. We believe that the best way to reduce your Water Footprint, is to work together with the best experts and innovative suppliers worldwide. WFI gives you honest advice and guides you to the best solutions around, rather than just selling you the solutions we have. We give you practical, made to measure solutions. Our expertise and worldwide network allow us to think out of the box. Sometimes a small scale, low tech solution may work better for you than the latest innovative technology. The solution may also lie outside the factory walls.

Who we are
WFI is a passionate collective of experts and organizations which builds upon the work of the Water Footprint Network. This network, founded by Prof. Arjen Hoekstra (inventor of the Water Footprint) has raised awareness worldwide about the importance of reducing the Water Footprint. When the network had to cease its’ activities in 2017, we decided to step in. Because we believe the Water Footprint is a valuable concept that people worldwide are able to understand.

In consultation with prof. Hoekstra and his team, we started afresh. One team continues the scientific and advisory work of the Water Footprint Network (WFN). And another team (which is us at WFI) focuses on implementation and the realization of solutions. While we work closely together and benefit from each others’ expertise, we are two independent organizations. WFI is not a preferred supplier for the Water Footprint network, we are part of the network, as are many other organizations. WFN and WFI both believe that working together with a worldwide network of experts, sharing expertise, working from a collaborative spirit, is the best way to reduce the Water Footprint worldwide. We are not an NGO and do not receive funding. While we have to make a living, profit is not the goal, reducing your Water Footprint is. WFI gives you the best advice possible for a reasonable price.

The way forward
Our aim is to build local knowledge hubs worldwide, and advise farmers, industries, governments and NGO’s on how to reduce their Water Footprint in a way that best suits their needs. This is just the start, we are still building up our collective. If you want to share your expertise, your tips or questions with us, please let us know!