Who we work for

WFI works with governmental organizations, companies, the industrial and agricultural sector and ngo’s worldwide. We help these organizations to reduce their Water Footprint and connect them to our worldwide network of experts and suppliers.

  • Water scarcity is becoming a source of conflict and instability worldwide. We help government agencies to reduce the Water Footprint and improve water management within their region, including advice on stakeholder participation and the right technological expertise.
  • We help industries reduce water use within their production process an their supply chain. Also, we look at their water supplies, their environment and natural resources. Minimizing your water risks is crucial for public opinion and to be able to attract investors.
  • The agricultural sector is one of our focus areas. Reducing the Water Footprint within this sector will have the most impact for the planet. Farmers worldwide feel the pressure of water scarcity. WFI supports them with practical and made to measure advice. Our goal is a sustainable future for farmers and a sustainable food supply for the planet.

WFI is your partner for a sustainable water future. Team up with us today!