How we work

Water Footprint Implementation (WFI) helps you to reduce Your Water Footprint in just three steps:

  • First, we give you insight into the questions ahead by providing you with a quick scan. Then, we give you insight into your water risks and water opportunities with a full assessment. This is step one.
  • Because of our close links to the Water Footprint Network, our assessments are always conducted to the latest standards and data.
  • To minimize your Water Footprint, we assess your water use and your activities, your environment and water supplies, water use in your supply chain, and the use and availability of water in your catchment area.
  • Then, we provide you with a made to measure strategy. Your own, practical roadmap towards minimizing your water footprint. This is step 2.
  • We always base our strategies on the latest insights, but also on local knowledge. We work with an international network of experts and with local knowledge institutions.
  • WFI tailors its’ strategy to your needs and is not afraid to think out of the box. Expensive innovative technology is not always the answer. Simple, low cost solutions can work just as well.
  • Now, we get to work. We connect you to the best suppliers, partners and experts. We are your 'honest broker’. We know the market, the solutions, and the experts. International cooperation is a guarantee for the best solutions. This is step three.
  • Working together with you and the partners and suppliers we have selected for you, we make sure you get the results you need. We can even help you with stakeholder participation.
  • WFI can offer you a long term partnership, keeping your Water Footprint up to date. This means you get regular updates. Your stakeholders, investors, and the public can now monitor your results.
  • WFI is a cooperation of passionate international water experts.

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