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Three steps to reduce your water footprint

Water Footprint Implementation (WFI) provides insights and solutions to organizations and government agencies who want to assess and reduce their Water Footprint. We help you to reduce your Water Footprint in three steps: assesment, strategy and implementation. WFI is your partner. Not only do we give you insights and a clear strategy to reduce your Water Footprint, we also connect you to the right suppliers, partners and solutions.

Step 1: The assessment

The Water Footprint Implementation process starts with an asessment of your water use and the pressure of your activities on local water resources. We quantify -and give you insight into- your water use in relation to your environment. We start with a quick scan, giving you a rough idea of the questions ahead, followed by an in-depth assessment. WFI works together with the Water Footprint Network, set up by professor Hoekstra (founder of the Water Footprint) and his team. This means that our assessments are always conducted according to the latest scientific insights.

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Step 2. The Strategy

After we have asessed your water use, we devise a made to measure strategy. We give you your own roadmap to reduce your Water Footprint and advice on which suppliers and partners to work with. A strategy can range from investing in better technology to enable more efficient use and minimize losses, to the implementation of governance infrastructures to improve the long-term water use sustainability at the catchment or river basin level. From industry to agriculture, from companies to government bodies; we will give you insight into the solutions to reduce your waterfootprint and guide you to sustainable water management.

Step 3. The implementation

Now, we really get to work. We help you implement the chosen strategy and make sure the partners and suppliers we have connected you to, work together towards the results we have envisioned together. Solutions range from implementing technology to changes in your production process or other activities, your location or even your product or services. The cooperation with our associates, experts on integrated water resources management and technological experts, enables us to provide the most practical and suitable implementation strategy for your request. Also, we provide training- and capacity building for professionals. Participate in one of our Water Footprint Assessment training courses and start your journey towards water stewardship.

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Water footprint UP to DATE

The Water Footprint Up to Date service is a long term partnership which provides you with up to date information about your water use. The data shows your progress in sustainable water use and possibly the changes in water use in your catchment area and their effect on your water footprint. These data will help to verify, record and keep track of the evolution. The Water Footprint up to date service supports long term policy setting, as it will inform policy makers (e.g. board members, governmental officers) on a regular basis on the water footprint advancements. Because of our close cooperation with the Water Footprint Network, founded by professor Hoekstra (who invented the Water Foot Print and calculator) we have access to the latest insights, models and data.

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