Our team

Arjen de Vries
'Chief Solutions'
+31 (0)6 45761626

Arjen is general manager at Acacia Water and one of the co-founders of WFI. "The Waterfootprint is a valuable concept people can easily understand, says Arjen. It makes people aware of their water use and helps us to bring across our expertise and solutions. This is why we decided to take part in Waterfootprint Implementation." Acacia Water improves access to clean and safe water and offers smart, sustainable and practical solutions to water issues worldwide. Arjen: "WFI has close links to the team of Professor Hoekstra, inventor of the Waterfootprint. This gives us access to the latest scientific insights, while Acacia water offers the latest expertise and solutions. Thats why WFI offers it's clients the best of both worlds."

Jaap Feil
+31 (0)6-22016178

When the Waterfootprint Network ceased to exist, water veteran Jaap Feil was quick to jump in: "I thought it was important to continue the implementation of this valuable concept." He teamed up with Arjen de Vries from Acacia and Johan Oost (Wetskills). They contacted Arjen Hoekstra, inventor of the Waterfootprint. "Hoekstra was enthusiastic about our idea to build upon the work of the Waterfootprint network and focus on implementation of the Waterfootprint concept." They decided to divide the activities of the 'old' network. Now, the newly started Waterfootprint Network continues the scientific work, while WFI focuses on implementation. After the succesfull restart, Jaap is both enthusiastic and impatient. His aim is to help all sorts of organizations and sectors to reduce their waterfootprint. Secondly, he has the ambition to set up local hubs around the world. And thirdly, he would like to offer 'update subscriptions' to his clients. "Just like you would update your phone, you could update your water use. WFI implements the latest technology and insights and keeps your water use up to date."

Johan Oost
WFI co-founder, your link to international talent

"We are all crazy about water" says Johan Oost, one of the three founders of WFI, (WaterFootPrint Implementation). "The Waterfootprint is a well-known and powerful concept. That's why we decided to take the work of the Waterfootprint Network a step further and focus on the implementation of solutions to reduce the waterfootprint of organisations, industry and agriculture." Johan is managing director of the Wetskills foundation, which organizes worldwide water challenges for youth. "Their main challenge is to think out of the box and develop realistic concepts. That's also what is needed to reduce the water footprint worldwide. You can try to reduce your current water use from five to four litres or you can take a step back, re-evaluate your production process and also look outside the factory walls." Johan: "We are not a typical consultant. We work with you, not just for you, armed with the latest knowledge and practical solutions. And, last but not least, we are fun to work with."

Sameer Safaya
Sustainability Consultant, Ecopreneur and Hydrologist
+31 (0)6 24987165

Sameer Safaya is an international sustainability professional with a CV that spans over a decade of work across USA, Asia and Europe. He worked with the original Water Footprint Network for a couple years and is an expert in Water Footprint Assessment and its application in water resources, supply chains and catchment management especially in food and textile industries. He has a BSc. in Earth Science from Pennsylvania State University along with specializations in GIS and Global Business Strategies and an MSc. in Hydrology (minor in Sustainable Development) with specializations in hydrological and climate models and in remote sensing. Sameer put his technical environmental and business skills into practice, starting or co-founding several companies in the Netherlands all around sustainable production and consumption, working with organisations and consumers to operate and live within the means of One Planet.

Simon van Meijeren
Hydrologist and 'waternerd' at WFI
+31 (0) 182 - 68 64 24

Simon was not available for his interview, as he was working on a fieldproject. This is not unusual for Simon; the hydrologist is often out there, somewhere in the world, working on a project. He combines his expertise with practical and technical knowledge and a focus on agriculture. Reducing the waterfootprint of this sector, he believes, will have the most impact, both for people and planet. Simon understands models and calculations and knows how to translate them into practical solutions. "He is our waternerd", says Tine te Winkel.

Tine te Winkel
Your first point of contact @WFI
+31 (0)6 12143599

Tine te Winkel studied earth and economics. She now works at Acacia Water, one of the founding fathers of WFI. "The way we look at water needs to change drastically. If we value water economically, we change the economy." WFI can help you reduce your water footprint, from scan to solutions, says Tine: "How important is water for your production process? Where does your water come from? WFI asks the right questions and offers solutions at all levels, practical as well as strategic. From technology and business strategies to river basin management (including stakeholder participation, politics and policy)." Tine is your first point of contact and gateway to the expertise and solutions of WFI. If you wish to reduce your Water footprint, call Tine.